Cordless Drill/Driver [GSR 1440-LI]

Bosch Cordless Drill/Driver GSR 1440-LI

7MM 14.4V BOSCH GSR1440-LI Cordless Drill/Driver

MYR 369.00  each


Product Descriptions


Bosch tools – Cordless Drill/Driver GSR 1440-LI
· Powerful and reliable tool
· 14.4 Volt lithium-ion drill/driver
· Bosch Electronic Cell Protection (ECP): Protects battery against overload, overheating & total discharge
· No memory effect: Battery can be charged regardless of the charging state at any time, without damaging the cells
· Interchangeability between 10.8 Volt and 14.4 Volt battery packs
Technical Data


Torque, max. (hard screwdriving applications): 30 Nm
Torque, max. (soft screwdriving applications): 15 Nm
No-load speed (1st gear/2nd gear): 0 – 420 / 1400 rpm
Chuck clamping range: 1 – 10 mm
Battery voltage: 14,4 V
Weight incl. battery: 1,3 kg
Torque settings: 25+1
Max. drilling diameter in wood: 25 mm
Max. drilling diameter in steel: 10 mm
Max. screw diameter: 7 mm


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