Breakers from Bosch impress with their high material removal rate. Vibration Control allows for a longer operating time and greater comfort. Bosch always has the right power tools for you, even for heavy-duty demolition work.

Bosch Breakers

Breaker [GSH 9 VC]

Bosch Breaker GSH 9 VC

— Perfect for continuous horizontal chiseling —

Rated power input: 1500 W
Impact energy: 13 J
Impact rate at rated speed: 2720 bpm

Breaker [GSH 11 VC]

Bosch Breaker GSH 11 VC

— The most powerful 11kg breaker from Bosch —

Rated power input: 1700 W
Impact energy: 23 J
Impact rate at rated speed: 900 – 1700 bpm

Breaker [GSH 16-30]

Bosch Breaker GSH 16-30

— Extreme power for 13 tons of material removal per day —

Rated power input: 1750 W
Impact energy: 45 J
Impact rate at rated speed: 1300 bpm

Breaker [GSH 27 VC]

Bosch Breaker GSH 27 VC

— The world’s most powerful electric breaker —

Rated power input: 2000 W
Impact energy: 69 J
Impact rate at rated speed: 1000 bpm