Bosch Dust Extractors

Bosch always offers you the optimum dust extraction power tools for best work results.

Bosch Dust Extractors

Cordless Vacuum Cleaner [GAS 12V-Li]

Bosch Cordless Vacuum Cleaner GAS 12V-Li

— The most powerful and compact cordless dust extractor —

Container volume, gross: 350 ml
Max. ventilating pressure: 45 mbar
Battery voltage: 12 V

Cordless Vacuum Cleaner [GAS 18V-Li]

Bosch Cordless Vacuum Cleaner GAS 18V-Li

— Most powerful vacuum cleaner with HEPA filter —

Container volume, gross: 700 ml
Max. ventilating pressure: 40 mbar
Battery voltage: 18 V

Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner [GAS 11-21]

Bosch All Purpose Extractor GAS 11-21

— The compact, on-site dust extractor —

Rated power input: 900 W
Capacity: 21 l
Max. ventilating pressure: 150 mbar

Blower with Dust Extraction [GBL 800 E]

Bosch Blower with Dust Extraction GBL 800 E

— The handy tool for blowing and dust extraction —

Rated power input: 820 W
Weight without cable: 1.8 kg

Cordless Blower [GBL 18V-120]

Bosch Cordless Blower GBL 18V-120

— Clean your jobsite in seconds! —

Air volume: 120 m³/h
Weight without cable: 1.1 kg
Battery voltage: 18 V