Line Laser [GLL 3-50]

Bosch Line Laser GLL 3-50

10M BOSCH GLL3-50 Line Laser

MYR 1250.00  each


Product Descriptions
Bosch tools – Line Laser GLL 3-50
· High precision and long life
· Simple solution for all interior design and installation with two vertical and one horizontal laser line and a plumb
· High precision by highly visible laser lines
· Flexibility and efficiency thanks to removable adjustable mini tripod with telescopic legs
· Extended operating range by activating the pulse mode and use the Laser Receiver LR 2 Professional
· Safe for use on the construction site due to the dust and splash protection IP 54
Technical Data
Reach: 10 m / 50 m with receiving cell
Levelling accuracy: ± 0.3 mm / m
Range automatic upgrade: Up to ± 4 °
LED / Laser class: 635 nm, <1 mW / 2 Protection dust and water splashes: IP 54 Thread: 1/4 "and 5/8" Dimensions: 146 x 83 x 117 Weight (including battery and swivel base): 900 g
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